Getting Back Into the Story

It's been fun reaquanting myself with the specifics of Starfire as I've gone through the revisions my editor sent back to me. I haven't really dug into Starfire for over a year as I had moved on to other stories after deciding there wasn't a home for it, based on rejections and the state of the industry.

Now that Starfire has a home I've unpacked all the old documents I used for world building and brainstorming to re-familiarize myself with some of the details of Sauria. When I got the notes for revisions I also got to jump into the story itself.

It is amazing how a long absense can really help you pick up on things that you don't see when the story is fresh. Especially with me I tend to have about two times the ammount of data running through my head than actually makes it to the page, which is a good thing most of the time. At times it does cause issues though as phrases and scenes that make total sense in the context of knowing how the culture and world works totally break down to someone who is approaching the world for the first time.

Jeff has done a great job at pointing out places where I needed to go back and look at such scenes. Now that I'm not so fresh on what was going through my mind during those scenes it is a lot easier to see those blind spots and flesh them out in a way that "hopefully" gives the reader what they need to know (or cut out stuff they don't need in any case).

There should also be some good auxilliary material in the book as well to help people figure out the world, though hopefully these won't be necessary, just a bonus.


MangyCat said…
I bet it's fun to re-enter the world after being away though. And it could also be a confidence booster; you can say, "Look at that--this is a stinkin' awesome story. I think I want to read this one!" ;o)

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