Re-Visiting Starfire: Igniting the Forge

In just a few short months, it is going to be four years since my novel Starfire was published. I could chase away the few who stumble across this once-abandoned locale with a litany of excuses as to why the sequel has not yet materialized. Let’s suffice it to say that I simply have not been the writer I should have been and that the fires that forged Starfire had been neglected as I cared for the needs of my fledgling family and adjusted to being a husband and father, seeking out “easier” distractions than crafting alien cultures. Much to the detriment to those fans who charged into the fight with Rathe and were enchanted by the strange innocence of Karey Or.
I apologize to all of you that it is taking so long to continue the adventure, but I am beginning this series as a way to ensure that your wait will not go unrewarded. Over the next many days I will be revisiting Starfire by posting behind the scenes thoughts and stories about the scenes and characters from the novel. As much as a way of reigniting the passion I have for the world and characters, as well as  a way of re-entering the conversation with all of you.
But in the end, all of this would be meaningless if the story ended with Starfire. So I do promise that this year will not pass without a return to Sauria. In addition to the Re-Visiting series I will post about my writing progress, and give previews of the characters and places you will be seeing in the future tales.
Thanks for all of you who have stuck by me this far and have encouraged me with your kind words. I look forward to renewing this journey with you all.
Goesh sarkareechk dulve kroesh tagan pitak.


Shannon McNear said…
YAY!!!! So what's your current wordcount?

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