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Starfire Now Available

You can now order Starfire online from Marcher Lord Press , , or ! Both The Dark Man and By Darkness Hid are also available! Buy all three for the sci-fi/fantasy/speculative lover in your life! Also, be sure to check out these great reviews of Starfire : From "Perhaps I'm just showing my inner geek too much, but part of me thrills at figuring out which dinosaurs certain characters are based on. Some are obvious, with obvious names; some not so much. And combining dinosaurs with "ancient" sci-fi technology, mystical prophecies, and supernatural enemies... pure genius." Read the full review » From the Novel Teen Book Review Blog: "Starfire was a completely surprising story. I would have never thought I’d like a story about dinosaur people. But Rathe is a fun character to read about. He is practical and tough and easy to relate to. He prefers to make his own path in life and can’t see how “some mixed-up, homicidal