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Downfall Chronicles -- T-96 Days

So I’ve written one novel. That must mean things will be easy from here on out right? Heck I’m not even changing worlds or the main character! This should be a cakewalk…. Yeah, that’s why I’m sitting here with under 100 days to my deadline and one false start on the sequel already behind me. Sequels are scary things to write! I mean you have to meet and exceed expectations that were laid down by your fans in the first book.   Sequels need to be familiar, yet they have to still surprise and wow the audience. There is that inevitable change that happens.   Old characters are left behind, new ones stepping forward to take their place. A new crisis must arise that will challenge the character already tempered by the flames of his previous trials. Maybe thinking all of this is why I still feel a bit scared when I open up my word document to start writing. But I have to push past that and embrace the challenge. I’ve got a great story to tell here, one that will force Rathe to battle with

Engineering a Downfall

97 days from today. That's how many days I have left to hit my deadline for the sequel to Starfire, currently called Downfall. I've still got way more work to do than I should have. But I've got no one to blame for that other than myself. Letting doubts and distractions cloud my thoughts and stifle my writing.  It is time for that to come to an end. So over the next 97 days I'll be posting my progress here to help keep me focused and pushing forward! So the one or two people who read this can stay tuned to read this series of posts I'll be calling the Downfall Chronicles.  I won't be posting specifics, but it may give you a fun glimpse at the odd workings of my mind. ;)