Amazon Book Surge for Marcher Lord Press

Today between now and midnight (EST) Marcher Lord Press is organizing a book surge on This surge will specifically be targeting Summa Elvetica, but feel free to order Hero, Second Class or The Personifid Invasion if one of those strikes your fancy.

Even better, if you order one of these titles and provide proof to Marcher Lord Press by E-mail (like the receipt you get from Amazon--but be sure it doesn't contain any personal information like credit card number) they will send you the link to download one or more of the Marcher Lord Press e-book products FOR FREE.

You can find all three titles on here.

Learn more about Marcher Lord Press.


Awesome! I'm going to see if this can be posted to ACFW's main loop. Tons of folks need to hear about this so the word can spread quickly. :)
Brandon Barr said…
Congratulations on getting your books published by Marcher Lord!
I'll come back here and check for updates on your work.

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