Writing Progress toward Realm Makers

Concept Sketch of Rathe of Yanguch from Starfire
Short update for tonight.

I finished the first draft of the first chapter of the latest iteration (the 4th I believe) of Starfire's sequel. I'm not as far along as I wanted to be by now, but it is progress. I've also laid out Monday night and all day Wednesday as writing time, with Tuesday set aside for packing, and more writing.

I'm really enjoying this version.  Picking up with Rathe about three Saurian months (a Segat for those who are curious, each equates to 3 earth months) since we last saw him at the end of Starfire.

Rathe's struggling to come to terms with the events that ended Starfire, the cost that is still being paid, and what his new role is in the changed world. He has to contend with those who want to choose what his destiny will be, and with those who will stop at nothing to ensure he has no destiny.

Friends may be foes, foes may be friends. And in the end, everything he thought he knew will be thrown to the stars.

Which, reminds me, I've really got to work on the "elevator pitch" before I get to the conference! I struggle with how much to say without spoiling what came before and what Rathe has in store for him!

More on that later, though.


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