Fitful Starts

Ok, so things aren't going smoothly, but they are going.  I didn't meet my goal for last week with word counts.  I'm working on a smoother beginning to the story that will help lay down some critical info & foreshadowing that I need, but that combined with still working on getting back into a real writing groove isn't helping.

Right now I'm working on figuring out exactly what a Herald of Shenkai would say as part of spreading the news that the Shroud is a sign brought about by the Hand of Surka as a sign that soon Surka will lead the faithful back to Shenkai.

And I've got to do it in a way that doesn't leave people with a blank stare as they try to figure out what was just said!  Fun!

Anyway, as part of my plan to get back into all of this I'm going to start doing this blog in the morning (instead of watching the news or browsing forums) since it becomes far to easy to ignore once the evening starts.  Hopefully this will help with my consistency.


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