The Shenkai Pilgrims

The Shenkai Pilgrims are one of the largest and most influential religious groups in Karnian society. Since the events related in Starfire their numbers have swelled as they send out Heralds who proclaim that the time of The Return has come.

Shenkai Pilgrims believe that Saurians aren't native to the world they have come to call Sauria. But actually originated on a distant world among the stars. They claim that their diety Surka grew angry with them for seeking new homes among the stars and banished them from their homeworld to the planet Sauria, instilling them with the Dread. But they also believe that Surka will eventually lead them back home, once Saurians are deemed worthy.

They also believe that in the past a group of forebearers were selected by Surka to prepare Shenkai for the eventual return of the faithful.

This is going to be one of the main motivators of Downfall, as the Shenkai Pilgrims gain more influence and begin seeking out any ancient relics or powers that will point them toward their ancestral home.  This is one of the reasons that Grakin Spur will be venturing deep into the fractured Herian Dynasty, as it is believed the Herians have long held secrets of Shenkai.

Is this just the ravings of a deranged cult? Or is there something deeper at work here?


Israle Surrnak said…
It sounds like a cult but a little more. Sounds very, very interesting!

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