Yes I"m a Terrible Blogger

Sorry for the false re-start yet again. :p  So many things going on now, and so much stuff that I've let distract me.

So the deadline for Downfall isn't gonna be reached in time for a Fall release, but it may work out for the best.

Here are some things I plan on doing to re-invigorate my writing life:

1# Get back in touch with writing communities and fan communities.  I've been focusing my attention on too many things that aren't writing related and thus it is fairly natural to expect writing to be a smaller part of my life.

2# Post here every day, keeping it focused on my writing and what is or isn't happening with it.

3# Post a weekly wordcount summary, even if I haven't made much progress just to keep myself accountable.

4# Finish the redesign and get it uploaded.

5# Don't spend hours watching replays of Starcraft 2 matches or various shows on Netflix!

So that's the plan.  Let's see how well it works. :)


Israle Surrnak said…
Yay (I was not without hope)

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