New Beginnings

So opened up my working document of Downfall and am starting back at the beginning, working through what has been written and smoothing things up.  I always find that the first three chapters are the hardest to write.  I think that's because I'm still getting a feel for exactly who all the characters are and the tone that the novel is going to take.  Plus there is just soooo much foreshadowing to get done, setting up events and ideas that will pay off later.

Plus with the sequel I still have a lot of world introduction to do. That combined with dropping in information to remind/inform about the last book makes for a tense balance of giving out just enough information.  Once I get those chapters just right I think the rest of the book will come much faster.

As for now, here's my current first line:

“The Hand of Surka has spun the shroud that envelops our world to proclaim that our return to Shenkai is near.”

If you have read Starfire, what is your biggest hope for the sequel?

Oh and if you want to read an awesome interview with Kerry Nietz, a fellow Marcher Lord Press author, click the link below.  Make sure to read the comments for even more fun and insight!


Israle Surrnak said…
My biggest hope?
Well my biggest hope is that it is just as long as Starfire(if not longer) so that I will have hours of awesome reading.
Stuart said…
I'm pretty sure that Downfall will be at least as long as Starfire was. My current outline is sitting at around 22 chapters, and the ending feels a bit rushed... so we'll see. :)
Israle Surrnak said…
Wow! Where to start? I want to see what the Herian Dynasty is all about. I want to find out if anything of Karey Orr still remains on the planet. I want to explore more of the dread, and how a deep-seeded fear can be made to manifest itself against any person beholding the technology. I'm looking forward to reading the next book!

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